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Hilde Stynen

°Geel Belgium

Lives and works in Zoutleeuw

Education: high school Turnhout

                 1975-1980 VSO-Art

Started with small assignments ; portrait -graphic design - decor for theater

Inspired by the huge metal constructions in my father's atelier, I started to experiment with form and shape, other technics like welding... working with iron wire, wood, polyester-plaster and paper.

Exhibitions (selection)


from 1986; small expo's in Geel - Leuven

2006: Gallery Alec , Antwerp

2007: Campo & Campo, Antwerp

2008: ENT-X collaboration with J. Van Laer, Antwerp

         Lineart, Gent

         Gallery Aura

2009: Gallery Aura, Antwerp

2010: Gistfabriek, Wijnegem

2013: Gallery Hispantics, Antwerp

2015: Stadt Salzburg - Labo-S, collab. with A.Gans

         Gallery Antoshini - Labo-S, Vienna

2016: 'I never was there' Labo-S, Antwerp

2018: Parallel, Vienna

         Gallery Antoshini

2019: Gallery Zeberg, Antwerp

Work in private collections

Belgium - France - The Netherlands - Germany - Canada - USA - Mexico - Japan - Thaiwan 

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